Host Seasonal Events and Give Prizes

With Neowauk, you can host lucky events on your website throughout the year. Events can be seasonal like Christmas ,Thanksgiving, etc. or any other special ocassion, sport related, etc.,. It takes just one click to activate or inactivate an event.

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More Personalization and Loyalty Based Events

Neowauk treats every customer visting your website in a unique way. You can set up the events to function in a unique way based on your customer's shopping history. All participants and rewards can be predetermined and configured based on a specific loyalty condition.

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Interactive - Let Customers Identify an Image and Win Prizes

Set up events with multiple questions and reward the customer based on the selected answers. The questions can be of an image recogonition type or a reqular Q&A type. Any numbers of Questions or images can be linked to an event.

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Conduct Surveys and Give Out Instant Prizes

Get your customers to fill out surveys by rewarding them instantly. You can set up events on any page of your website and reward them instantly after the survey. Multiple prizes can be configured and linked to a survey with ease.

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Connect the Events to Social Networking Websites

Neowauk markets your event on social networking websites. It lets your customers share about your events on Facebook and Twitter. The message and the image customers share on Facebook and Twitter are easily configurable through Neowauk.


Follow up Emails to the Event Participants

Neowauk records the event participants' Email, and lets you send follow up emails to them through just one click. Since Neowauk knows a customer won or did not win an event, and helps you send follow up emails accordingly.


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